About Mt.Tanigawa and Oze area

The Okutone area(奥利根)- the watershed of river Tone, has lots of wonderful nature spots. Among them, Mt.Tanigawa and Oze national park are outstanding. Both of them are one of the best places for nature lovers. Only 2 hours from Tokyo, you can find treasures of the Japanese countryside.

tocotoco-minakami offers various trekking tours in all seasons. Explore the beauty of Mt.Tanigawa and Oze area, and learn about history and culture through the eyes of a local guide.

For more information about the area, see the local government’s websites for tourists, Mt.Tanigawa and Oze national park.

Guided tours

Trekking tour

Season: May-November

Nature walking

Duration: 1-3 hours
Learn about local plants and animals, bird watching, and local people’s life.

1-day hiking

Duration: 4-8 hours
There are various choices for one-day hiking.

Multi-day hiking

The multi-day hike is on a request basis. Staying at a comfortable mountain lodge is unforgettable!

Snow trekking tour

Season: January-April


KATANO Naoko (Nao)

I was born and raised in Minakami town, where Mt.Tanigawa and Oze are located, and studied in Kyoto and UK. I came back to my hometown in 2018 and became a trekking guide.

I love small to big mountains. Love Hiking, rock climbing, skiing, gardening, bird watching, and other kinds of outdoor activities.

Member of Japan Mountain Guide Association and Minakami Mountain Guide Association.